Probiotics- A natural
and healthy way of living!


Probiotics are microorganisms that hold the capacity to enhance health by promoting digestion and regulating immune response. The trend of probiotics started when a Russian scientist noticed that the individuals consuming liberal amounts of fermented milk (yogurt) lived longer and healthy. Hence, it turned out that yogurt contains healthy dose of beneficial bacteria that can dramatically reduce the aging effects.

Human gut is a breeding ground for many good bacteria but unfortunately even bad bacteria resides there as well. Hence, your health, in part, relies upon the balance between ''good' and 'bad' bacteria. Consumption of antibiotics in general hampers the digestive activity temporarily. This can be easily restored by taking reasonable dose of probiotics. All the Yogola products are probiotic foods packed with double dose of health and happiness.

Check what is inside the probiotics:

Proteins: Every 100 ml of yogurt (frozen yogurt/ probiotic yogurt) contains 2-4 grams of proteins.
Carbohydrates: One medium serving of 250 ml yogurt has 30-50 grams of carbohydrates.
Fats: Yogola's frozen yogurt ice cream contains less fat compared to regular ice creams. Moreover, probiotic yogurt made from skimmed milk is very fat free. If prepared from whole milk or low fat milk, it has less than four grams of fat per 250 ml serving.
Calories: 100 ml serving of yogurt usually contains 25-30 calories depending on the type of milk, (no fat, low fat or regular) it is prepared from. A regular serving of 250 ml yogurt has approximately 200-240 calories.
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